Work instructions for Anti-Dross #7


  • Anti-dross # 7 used for solder pot maintenance or de-dross:

Before starting this procedure make sure your air exhaust is in good working condition.

- Collect the dross on one side or corner of the solder bath.

- Sprinkle 2 to 3 tablespoons of the anti-dross over the dross and wait a couple of minutes for the material to melt.

- After the anti-dross turned to liquid mix into the dross with a spatula.

- The anti-dross # 7 will release the oxides from the solder, and the oxides will remain as a dark powder on the surface while the "good" solder is molten back into the solder pot.

- Remove the dark powder from the solder bath surface.

- Repeat previous steps until the solder pot is clean.

  • Anti-dross # 7 used as preventative maintenance in wave soldering machines:

- Sprinkle 2 to 4 tablespoons of anti-dross inside the solder nozzle (chimney) every evening when the machine shuts down. This will thoroughly clean the baffles inside the chimney and eliminate or reduce the need for removal and maintenance.

- Keep one tablespoon of anti-dross around the solder pump shaft at all times (add product with regular intervals).

- This will prevent oxide formation around the shaft (area of excessive turbulence and friction).


  • Anti-dross # 7 used for dross prevention on solder bath surface:

- The anti-dross can be used as a protective blanket on the solder pot surface and function as a seal between solder surface and the oxygen in the air.

- Sprinkle enough material on the solder bath to form 1/4-inch layer of molten material on the surface, add material with regular intervals to maintain the 1/4-inch protective layer.

- When using this procedure make sure you have sufficient exhaust and make sure to wear heat resistant gloves and safety glasses (splashes from molten material can cause serious burns)


For safe handling of the Anti-Dross #7 read the Material Safety Data Sheet

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